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To engage we welcome your expression of interest, and like to understand your requirements first and foremost, with a view to collaborate to deliver the best solution. Ultimately the value is evident in the benefits to users, senior management, leaders and the insurance industry on a whole.

Get in touch if you would like a demo. To give you a quick overview of the core features and functionality, post the setup, for SURVEY management, RISK TRACKING management, and ANALYSIS, please continue reading.

Setup: Once a license has been agreed, you gain access to the platform. Depending on the User type, you access risks associated with your company and role. A new survey request is generated by either data entry or an automated API feature from the insurer's policy platform via a web-service.


The three (3) main phases for the survey process:


  • Create a survey request
  • Upload supporting document/s
  • Submit to Surveyor


  • Surveyor books, confirms & conducts survey
  • Surveyor uploads findings & photographs
  • Quality Control


  • Underwriter / MGA reviews & approves reports
  • Reports distribution

Post the underwriter's approval of reports, the Risk Improvement (RI) & Photographic Reports become available for distribution and post survey follow-up, triggering the 'risk tracking' module into action.

Risk tracking:

The risk tracking module is interactive with automated follow-up and bespoke customised communications. This module has the full functionality to track risk improvements, record activities, change statuses and add Call Logs, providing a full audit trail and history for each risk improvement.

The main risk improvement elements are:

Automated follow-up

  • Bespoke automatic email/s

Telephony follow-up

  • Automatic prompts to 'call' within set timescales
  • Update status & Call Log

Extension Requests

  • Insurers approval to alter Due Date
  • Stakeholders notified automatically


  • Real-time RI status changes
  • Upload evidence
  • Close

Data Analysis:

Data analysis is where you can maximise the value of using a Riskology platform. The presentation of data can be used for many reasons - trends, intelligence, comparisons, performance, meeting KPI's, insights, exposure hot spots and so on.

How data is shown, and what device it is viewed on, is available in many formats - dashboards, visual graphs, maps, clips, diagrams, flowcharts plus many more. The cycle of collating data, analysis of information and insights is rewarding and ongoing.

Data Integrity
  • risk profile
  • survey findings
  • real-time
  • Performance
  • Benchmarks
  • Exposure
  • Insights
  • Trends
  • Knowledge

The team of developers and designers are au-fait with digital platforms and how to transform data into meaningful graphics to highlight risk exposure and performance. Imagine what a difference this will do to your results.

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