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Riskology solutions are:

  • flexible, secure cloud based solutions
  • user-friendly, offering real-time information at your fingertips
  • accompanied by video training and helpdesk support along the way
  • insightful providing trends, analysis and useful Management Information (MI) data depending on your wishes and license
  • guided by you to determine what insights and analysis you require
  • able to improve individual performance and competitive advantage
  • formalised with a License Agreement

Riskology software:

  • improves day-to-day business processes in a simplified and streamlined format
  • delivers real-time information with built-in best practices
  • improves productivity
  • generates cost-savings
  • provides paperless-audit-trail
  • transforms legacy systems with technology

Imagine having full visibility, real-time status updates, user friendly systems and control of survey risk management to give you the edge on your competitors. Our agile survey risk management platform streamlines the workflow between underwriters, brokers, survey teams and risks. No more spreadsheets, emails or disparate systems to manage surveys or track risk improvements.

Collaboration is key, to connecting different operational enterprises for the benefit of all users.

Benefits for all users and at all levels:


  • Visibility - real-time automated updates and full visibility, giving you peace-of-mind
  • Relief - as easy to use with tool-tip pop-ups, if you forget what to do
  • Confidence & Trust - with built-in system accountability, paperless & streamlined, making you more efficient with flexible working options
  • Grateful - automated prompts for a call to 'action', giving you time to do other work
  • Valued - morale boost knowing your employer invests in technology to make work-life better for you

Senior Management Leaders

  • Giving leaders the edge on decision making and thought leadership, with insightful analysis at an industry, company, team and individual level
  • Demonstrating your commitment to company vision and objectives by investing in technology and employees
  • Cost savings - a platform to deliver operational improvements and efficiencies to easy the operational pressure, duplication, errors and oversights, which are passe and can be costly to rectify
  • Performance insights to hand - a platform to monitor, measure and improve performance, at both a user and risk exposure level

Insurance industry

  • Collaborating with stakeholders combining global insight with local knowledge
  • Aligning industry relevant savvy and technology with Corporate and Social Responsibilities
  • Establishing a new digital 'market-place', providing insightful market analysis of underwriting and risk exposure trends
  • Embracing new and innovative strategies to resolve legacy shortcomings

Depending on your specific requirements and business operations, licensing options to either white-label our market-proven solution or create a bespoke solution to connect disparate operations and fulfil your needs.

Riskology Solutions Limited was established in December 2016 to specifically further develop and design risk software solutions for the insurance industry, by connecting key stakeholders and entities.

Our track record is proven by 6 years' experience with the flagship platform surveymaster™. Surveying company SRC, Lloyds syndicates and London Market insurers, underwriters, MGA's and brokers have benefitted from use of the platform since 2011.

Underwriters and brokers have visibility of their risk exposure and peace-of-mind knowing all the data is secure and providing insights.

We are here to make life easier and answer any questions you may have about our solutions. Please call or complete the 'Make an Enquiry' form and you can rely on one of our specialists to contact you personally.

Client testimonials

surveymaster™ transparency is exceptionally good. The report layout is very clear and easy to read, with the traffic light system (green, amber, red) highlighting the risk exposure at a glance. As a MGA, the option to have all risk improvements / requirements chased up, on our behalf, is most helpful.”
Chris Sharp, Senior Underwriter at Coast Underwriting
“Using surveymaster™ has given us greater confidence in our risk management control. The real-time availability of data along the entire length of the surveying process improves our underwriting results whilst reducing our back-office costs.”
Russell Brown, Director of GB Underwriting

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